Global report on the status of legal limits lead in paint

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This report presents a comprehensive global overview of legal paint controls, merging the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) data and additional analysis. It is a comprehensive legal analysis of 128 countries conducted by legal researchers based on 29 legal indicators that examine the substantive and procedural aspects of lead paint controls. This analysis assesses legally binding controls applicable to all types of lead paint, including lead paint used in workplaces and industrial settings. This report presents information on the lead paint controls of different countries. It also provides citations and links to country-specific documents describing their lead paint controls.

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Výroba nátěrových barev, laků a jiných nátěrových materiálů, tiskařských barev a tmelů
Sklenářské, malířské a natěračské práce
United Nations Environment Programme
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Applying Surface Coatings
Handling Chemicals
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Lead used in paints

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Policy paper
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Policy makers

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