Exposure to dangerous substances in pest control

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The document provides information about the ingredients of biocide products with the aim of supporting risk assessments in relation to working with pest control agents. This information was assessed according to aspects relevant to occupational safety and health and was then compiled in a database. The safety data sheets provided by the manufacturers required different evaluations owing to their quality and information content. The detailed analysis conducted of the active ingredients in pest control agents provides readers with information on which components are classified as harmful, irritants, poisons or skin irritants and which are suspected of being carcinogenic. The information can support employers in carrying out risk assessments.

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Neomezeno na určité odvětví
German Statutory Accident Insurance for Health and Welfare Services — BGW
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Applying Pesticides
Cleaning or Disinfecting
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Database of biocidal products with specific information on the hazardous active substances included in them.

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Risk assessment
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OSH consultant
Safety officers

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