Demographic change in the world of work — challenges for prevention

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Demographic change presents a great challenge to the stability and continued existence of social security systems, hence the focus on demographic change and its effects in the International Social Security Association's (ISSA's) activity programme for 2008-2010. The importance of these issues will also continue to be reflected in ISSA activities in the future. Demographic change affects many aspects of social security. Most affected are the systems for health and family benefits, unemployment insurance, old-age insurance and, finally, insurance against occupational accidents and diseases. Prevention has an important role to play in overcoming the challenges linked to demographic change. For that reason, the ISSA Special Commission on Prevention wanted to look into which concrete measures could contribute to health and safety at work. To do this, this special commission instituted the working group 'Demography and Prevention', involving experts from a total of eight international ISSA sections for prevention.

This group of experts has compiled important facts and data on demographic change, defined objectives for prevention in this context and put together proposals for concrete preventive measures for a total of five different spheres of activity. These are explained in detail in this document. Furthermore, systematic approaches in the workplace are presented in a separate chapter. Finally, practical examples that offer promise or have already proven to be effective demonstrate strategies for solutions and give ideas on how recommendations for preventive measures can be put into practice. This brochure is aimed at all prevention actors and those responsible for prevention. This includes employers and employees as actors in the workplace, occupational safety experts, social partners, social insurance institutions, bodies responsible for cultural activities, educational institutions and those in positions of political responsibility in government and society. The Special Commission on Prevention wishes to disseminate important principles on ageing appropriately and age-appropriate workplace design with these recommendations and this information. Effective prevention throughout all phases of the working life increases the ability to work and the employability of an ageing population, thus playing a key role in overcoming demographic change in the world of work.

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