Carcinogenic and Mutagenic Agents

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The Department of Labour Inspectorate of Cyprus in its website, and more specifically in the safety and health at work section, provides essential information about carcinogenic and mutagenic agents and answers to any possible questions for the topics below: What are carcinogenic agents and how do they act? Which agents are carcinogens? Information about chemical substances that are related to different work tasks is included. More specifically, there is reference to several metals, natural silicate minerals, radioactive gases and further chemical substances, to which exposure may cause cancer to humans.

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Sector / Industry covered: 
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Republic of Cyprus, Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance, Department of Labour Inpection
Hazard - health effects: 
Prevention measures: 
Level 1. Elimination of hazards
Level 1. Substitution
Level 2. Technical measures, e.g. local exhaust ventilation
Level 2. Reducing / minimising the risk by organisational measures, e.g. reducing the number of workers exposed
Level 3. Reducing / minimising the risk by personal measures (PPE)
Training / guidance
Hygiene measures
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Awareness raising
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All (no specific target group)

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