Workplace Violence and Harassment: a European Picture
31/01/2011 Typ: Zprávy 160 strany

Workplace Violence and Harassment: a European Picture

Keywords:Prevence úrazů, Construction, Vznikající rizika, Zdravotní péče, HORECA, BOZP a mladí lidé, Stres a psychosociální rizika, Statistika, Ženy a BOZP, Podpora ochrany zdraví na pracovišti

The report presents the prevalence of violence and harassment at work based on international and national statistics, as well as the results of scientific studies on antecedents and consequences of work-related violence. A survey of the Agency's Focal Point network suggest that there is still an insufficient level of awareness and recognition of problems with third-party violence and harassment in many EU Member States, and there is a clear need to promote and disseminate good practice and prevention measures which are sensitive to the national context. Some measures proposed by EU, ILO, WHO and national experts are included in the report.

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