Accident prevention


Worker participation in occupational safety and health is vital for succesful prevention. This holds true not just in the workpalce, but also at national and international levels where social partners are central to the successful planning, implementation, and evaluation of occupational safety and health policies.


To run a campaign that has a strong safety and health message and that reaches the target audience, EU-OSHA has to put in place a flexible structure that meets the need of each State while maintaining a common theme and message. Bringing together the EU-OSHA national focal point network and other partners from more than thirty countries ensured a common understanding for the upcoming two-year campaign which will be on reducing risks in maintenance activities.


 That proved to be a good bet, and over the last decade we have built up the EU-OSHA website, adding a vast amount of content and new features – even winning some innovation awards along the way . We are very proud of what we have achieved despite our limited resources, although ensuring the currency of the information and improving access to it is a never-ending task.