From Project to Well-being Policy at Procter & Gamble
07/12/2009 Тип: Проучвания на отделни случаи 5 страници

From Project to Well-being Policy at Procter & Gamble

Keywords:Психосоциални рискове и стрес на работното място

Procter & Gamble Campus Strombeek-Bever (Belgium) is the largest European Research & Development Centre for Procter & Gamble. Approximately 1800 employees of 50 different nationalities are employed in this centre. In 2007 P&G set up a well-being programme for their employees. The reason for this was that the results in the 2006 Employee Satisfaction Survey showed that there had been a decrease of 7% in the perception of personal well-being and 2% in work-life balance. The aim of the well-being programme was to improve the personal wellbeing and health of the employees to ensure sustainable peak performance of the workforce and employee engagement.

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